1/3/2022: sigh…. It remains the case that everyone should make the best choices for themselves and their loved ones.  With that said, we are looking forward to a great 2022 with lots of smiles and lots of miles.  Ride and Have Fun!

8/19/2021: Note that the following was originally posted 6/16/2020.  Of course we’ve had some ups and downs related to dealing with the Covid pandemic as best we can.  It remains the case that care is needed.  For ourselves, our loved ones and generally one another.  In addition to any current or emerging guidance that we should observe,  more generally… please make decisions that are best for you.  Just like group riding, ride your own ride.


As of NOW, organized motorcycle rides are good to go in NH.  With this we are encouraged we will be able to get our schedule of FUN flowing again.  Of course we still want to keep each other safe and need to figure out how we best adhere to gathering advice.  An updated schedule has been posted (go to the Schedule tab)… and our wonderful Activities Officer Patrick has provided the following advice:

Oh man! I sincerely hope this finds all of you are all still doing well and staying safe and healthy.
I am highly encouraged as it still looks as though things are continuing to trend in a positive direction. Your Seacoast HOG officers have been working on ideas to get us back to Riding and Having Fun. I did see a bunch of you got out for the Black Sheep Bike Blessing, which is awesome!
While we’re still not to the point of resuming our chapter schedule, we still want you to be able to ride and have fun. If you do ride, consider pick-up rides, including for HOG Spots. We highly encourage each and every one of you to continue to adhere to established state guidelines and direction as it evolves.
Also, all of the dealerships are open with proper precautions in place. As you may have seen, they are still asking that anyone visiting please wear a face mask.
So, the bad news is not as bad as it could be. As we are not resuming our schedule, we do have a cancellation, but it is only one:
Wing Night, Tuesday, 6/23
There will be more about our schedule soon.
As always, please continue to do your part to help minimize the spread. Also, keep in mind that we are all in this together.
And, as always, if you know of any our members that need assistance with anything, let’s work together to help them out. And let’s not forget our members that may not have Facebook or are may not use email. Welfare checks are always highly encouraged, including family and neighbors that may need you, too.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay sane. And, as always, stay civil. We ARE coming through this together.

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