North Hampton NH Seacoast Chapter

logo CaptureThe Seacoast Chapter of Harley Owners Group was established in 1985 with 8 founding members. Over the years we have grown into a family of over 500 members. Most of the membership hails from the seacoast region of Southern NH, Southern Maine and Northeastern Mass. We are a very diverse group of people in various jobs and stages of life. Our main goal is to have “RIDE & HAVE FUN”. We are a very active chapter in and around the community.

We are very fortunate that our chapter has the continuing support and generosity of Seacoast Harley-Davidson.  The dealership goes above and beyond for us in many ways.  If you think you might be interested in becoming a member we would love to have you. You can check us out at our business meetings as mentioned below or click on “how to join”

Monthly Business Meetings are held @ Seacoast Harley Davidson, Route 1, North Hampton, NH

Meetings are the 1st Thursday of the Month and starts promptly @ 7:00pm

For additional information contact any chapter Officer.

2016 Challenges!

Our L.O.H. Officer Allison’s update:
Hi All,

We are approaching the final weeks of the 2016 L.O.H. Challenges! What seemed so far away in April is right around the corner. Where did the time go?!?

For those of you who have entered the Pony Express Challenge, I have uploaded a step by step guide in the Files section of our Closed FB Group. Please follow the guide to upload your photos to the Shutterfly webpage. There are images to follow as well in the guide. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me. Remember, entries are due by November 1st!

Keep riding – I’ve heard of some pretty high numbers! Can’t wait to see all the excursions of our participants!

October Business Meeting Update

Heads up from our L.O.H. Officer, Allison:
“… I wanted to remind everyone that the theme of the October L.O.H. gift raffle basket is HARLEY HALLOWEEN! Let’s play up our theme colors with the holiday and donate items with [Willy G] skulls, black items and orange items. Be wild, creative, and crazy!
See everyone Thursday! …”

Ride Changes

09 September Changes 09-25-16

Maine Rally 2016 – FUN

Thanks to the Saucier’s for the GREAT photos.  FUN!

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Thursday night business meeting

A note from our L.O.H. Officer Allison:

Hi All –
LOH will be collecting items for the Pease Greeters at September’s chapter meeting this Thursday. The Pease Greeter’s are a group of volunteers that welcome troops passing through Pease International Airport on their way to, or from, Afghanistan or Iraq, or any other areas of conflict in any part of the world. A complete list of requested items can be found here:

LOH will be scheduling a time based on September’s flight schedule to deliver all items that are collected at our September Chapter and LOH Meeting (September 6th).
We thank you in advance for your simple, yet powerful, donations to this local, amazing organization!