North Hampton NH Seacoast Chapter

logo CaptureThe Seacoast Chapter of Harley Owners Group was established in 1985 with 8 founding members. Over the years we have grown into a family of over 500 members. Most of the membership hails from the seacoast region of Southern NH, Southern Maine and Northeastern Mass. We are a very diverse group of people in various jobs and stages of life. Our main goal is to have “RIDE & HAVE FUN”. We are a very active chapter in and around the community.

We are very fortunate that our chapter has the continuing support and generosity of Seacoast Harley-Davidson.  The dealership goes above and beyond for us in many ways.  If you think you might be interested in becoming a member we would love to have you. You can check us out at our business meetings as mentioned below or click on “how to join”

Monthly Business Meetings are held @ Seacoast Harley Davidson, Route 1, North Hampton, NH

Meetings are the 1st Thursday of the Month and starts promptly @ 7:00pm

For additional information contact any chapter Officer.

May 2019 Business Meeting – 5/2/19

Let’s Ride!

Join the fun!

Our L.O.H. Office Allison has provided the following summary…and there are always special surprises and prizes…:
Good Evening Seacoast H.O.G.’s!

I want to remind everyone that our Chapter Business Meeting is Thursday, May 2nd at Seacoast Harley-Davidson. The meeting starts at 7 PM, but please come earlier to socialize…  L.O.H. Cookbooks will also be on sale for $15 before the meeting. The cookbooks make excellent Mother’s Day gifts, graduation gifts, house welcoming gifts, birthday gifts, end of the year teacher gifts, and even bridal shower gifts!

The May, L.O.H. will be collecting donations for The Pease Greeters! Remember, all chapter members are encouraged to contribute to the donation. A list of Care Package items can be found here:’t make the meeting but still want to donate? Donations can now be made through Amazon as well as on the Pease Greeters website. Click here for more details or to make your donation:

2018 Challenge Winners and Pink Razor Award Recipient

The 2018 Pink Razor Award was presented to Josh Elliott. Since Josh joined the Chapter in 2014, he has always gone above and beyond to help out L.O.H. Whether he’s parking our bikes, planning and leading the Progressive Ride since 2015, helping us transport supplies, set up, and break down all of our events, or entertaining us while calling BINGO, Josh is always there to lend a helping hand and keep us laughing while he’s doing it! L.O.H. is honored and humbled by the generosity and kindness you have shown us and we are proud to award you with the very first LITERALLY PINK Pink Razor Award!

Speaking of going the extra mile, we sure had some members travel them this year! L.O.H. announces the following winners for the 2018 High Mileage Challenge:


With 19,822 miles, Dwayne Scruton took First Place

With 18,060 miles, Bill Leonard took Second Place

With 15,920 miles, Pat Campbell took Third Place


With 15,695 miles, Maria Petit took First Place

With 10,523 miles, Linda Bailie took Second Place (not pictured)

With 8,871 miles, Bonnie Silva took Third Place

Finally, the 2018 L.O.H. challenge was titled When Hell Freezes Over. We asked chapter members to ride to and snap a pic with as many religious establishments as they could. In First Place, with 17 locations on their 2015 Ultra, was Pat and Cassandra Campbell! Congratulations to our winners! We hope you enjoy your patches to mark your victories!

2018 pink razor winner pink razor49259669_10215647809561003_8345005955867475968_o49406966_10215647809841010_6179307364450041856_o49485816_10215647810601029_672643203412787200_o49495937_10215647810921037_3736988445101260800_o49895923_10215647812881086_4709756726138634240_o49199983_10215647811801059_3353325776828104704_o49409545_10215647814841135_5903920954853031936_o49049215_10215647812401074_3518019798191570944_o

2018 L.O.H. Challenges

This year, L.O.H. was able to re-instate our annual High Mileage Challenge for both male and female riders. Prizes will be awarded to the three male riders (not including passengers) and the three female riders (not including passengers) with the highest amount of miles traveled in the contest time period.
We also announced the When Hell Freezes Over Challenge. We asked our H.O.G. Chapter Members to ride to as many places of worship (Churches, Synagogues, etc.) and safely snap a photo of them and their bike in front of the establishment. The one bike (single rider or two up as one team) with the highest total visits wins first place. The next bike (again, single rider or two up as one team) with the second highest total wins second place. The following bike (again, single rider or two up as one team) with the third highest total wins third place.
Both challenges ran April 1st to November 1st, 2018.

.when hell freezes over patch men 3 ladies 3 men 2 men 1 ladies 2 ladies 1

2017 L.O.H. Pink Razor Award Winners

The Pink Razor Award is an annual award given by the Ladies of Harley to a male Chapter Member or Dealership Employee who has gone above and beyond to assist L.O.H. throughout the past year. L.O.H. nominates and votes during the monthly meetings to select the recipient. This year, we had a tie between two very deserving Chapter Members: Pat Campbell and David Privitera! Last year, both Pat and Dave outdid themselves to help the Ladies of Harley. They have been there to provide early morning escorts to chapter rides and to provide a riding buddy on the journey home after chapter rides. We’ve seen them tear down, repair, fix, and rebuild bikes in multiple Chapter Member’s garages. They were part of building a strong foundation of support when L.O.H. needed it the most. L.O.H. is honored and humbled by the generosity and kindness you have both shown us and we are proud to award you both with Pink Razors!  Pink Razor David Pink Razor Pat

2017 Annual Progressive Ride

To summarize this year’s Progressive Ride is easy: It was a fun filled day with leisurely riding, great food, and time well spent with amazing friends. The day started with breakfast at our sponsoring dealership, Seacoast Harley-Davidson. Lead by Josh Elliott with a route designed by Linda Bailie, we casually rode to lunch hosted by Chapter Members Rich and Adele Marone. With a team of Chapter Member Chefs, we dined on BBQ, played lawn games, and shared many laughs. After game and raffle winners were announced, we capped off the day by riding to Shaine’s Ice Cream in Sanford, ME. Another great event in the books with our H.O.G. family!

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