North Hampton NH Seacoast Chapter

logo CaptureThe Seacoast Chapter of Harley Owners Group was established in 1985 with 8 founding members. Over the years we have grown into a family of over 500 members. Most of the membership hails from the seacoast region of Southern NH, Southern Maine and Northeastern Mass. We are a very diverse group of people in various jobs and stages of life. Our main goal is to have “RIDE & HAVE FUN”. We are a very active chapter in and around the community.

We are very fortunate that our chapter has the continuing support and generosity of Seacoast Harley-Davidson.  The dealership goes above and beyond for us in many ways.  If you think you might be interested in becoming a member we would love to have you. You can check us out at our business meetings as mentioned below or click on “how to join”

Monthly Business Meetings are held @ Seacoast Harley Davidson, Route 1, North Hampton, NH

Meetings are the 1st Thursday of the Month and starts promptly @ 7:00pm

For additional information contact any chapter Officer.

Our sponsoring dealership (Seacoast and Rochester) and sister dealerships:

Boston Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson Shop of Rochester

Seacoast Harley-Davidson

Twin States Harley-Davidson

Big Moose Harley-Davidson

Another week of “adjustments”…

This has been difficult for everyone, but we are seeing positive movement.  We will get past this…

Our Riding/Event Schedule has been updated to include more cancellations, but folks are getting out and riding… following social distancing guidance…

Our Activities Officer Patrick has provided the following information:

So, here we are again. I hope this finds all of you are all still doing well and staying safe and healthy. The weather has been really awesome, if not a little warm. I hope most of you have been able to get out and enjoy it!
Alright! This is gonna feel like Groundhog Day all over again, but we do have a bit of a different message for you. It still looks as though things are continuing to trend in a positive direction. Your Seacoast HOG officers are working on ideas to get us back to Riding and Having Fun. We have been staying in touch with our Sponsoring Dealership management. We also had a very productive meeting with our HOG Regional Manager.
So, with all that said, this is where we’re at… we are getting there, but we’re still not to the point of resuming our chapter schedule. Now, we still want you to be able to ride and have fun. If you do ride, consider pick-up rides. We highly encourage each and every one of you to continue to adhere to established state guidelines and direction. Primary among that is keeping groups to 10 people or less. Also, all of the dealerships are still asking that anyone visiting please wear a face mask.
Unfortunately, though, as we are not resuming our schedule, this means that we are canceling another week’s worth of activities. These new cancellations include:
HOG Chapter Meeting, Thursday, 6/4
Tumbledown Cafe Ride, Saturday, 6/6
RHD Demo Rides, Saturday, 6/6
Fisher Cats Day at the Park, Sunday, 6/7 (potential for reschedule)
LOH is also going to reschedule their Chili Cook-Off to the Fall.
Another positive change – the Black Sheep Blessing of the Bikes is back on. They have organized a drive-thru type set-up. Unfortunately, there will be no breakfast, bike contest or raffle, but you can still get your bike blessed. Our Director indicates he is planning on going. You can find more info at
Most of you may have also seen that Iron Adventure, 7/29-8/2, has been cancelled.
There will be more about our schedule soon.
As always, please continue to do your part to help minimize the spread of this freakin’ virus. Also, keep in mind that we are all in this together and any one of us may be on edge. It’s not just you.
Don’t forget, if you know of any our members that need assistance with anything, let’s work together to help them out. And let’s not forget our members that may not have Facebook or are may not use email. Welfare checks are always highly encouraged, including family and neighbors that may need you, too.
Stay safe. Stay healthy. Hang onto what sanity you may still have! And, as always, stay civil. We will come through this together.

The Iron Adventure of New England

Breaking news!  Plan accordingly…  We will get past this TOGETHER!
…the following is from The Iron Adventure of New England:

Amid heightened concerns regarding the spread of Covid19, the 2020 Iron Adventure of New England is canceled.

Our decision was made in the best interest and safety of all attendees. We are committed to protecting our attendees, our IAR volunteer team members and the community of Farmington CT.

A full refund for the event will be sent to your credit card within 30 days. There are no t-shirts etc.. you are getting a full refund.

If you’ve made reservations at the Marriott you are responsible for canceling in a timely fashion. The number for central reservation is:

If you booked a dinner, you are responsible for canceling. The contact information for EventBrite is:

The decision to cancel was painful for all. Please be safe, ride often and stay healthy…

We love to Ride and Have Fun

National H.O.G. advice:
The rewards for participating in RIDE365 go far beyond the miles amassed or the achievement of prizes. Riding is fuel for the soul, something we all need more of in these challenging times.

As a reminder, here are a few highlights of the RIDE365 program. Find all the details at

  • Mileage Recognition: Keep track of your annual, lifetime, and Chapter mileage totals, because every mile counts!
  • Dealership Check-In: Earn points towards rewards by visiting authorized Harley-Davidson dealerships around the world.
  • 10 Rides for ’20: Explore America’s highways, byways and backgrounds with a new selection of great rides every year. See how many you can check off your list in 2020.
  • 50 Rides, One Nation: From sea to shining sea, these 50 epic rides, one per state, are worthy of any rider’s lifetime bucket list.
  • H-D Visa Rewards: Eligible H-D Visa cardholders can earn up to 50,000 points and $500 in cash rewards just for riding their motorcycle. Visit for full details.

Hang in there!

Hoping everyone is doing whatever they need to stay safe and take care of themselves and there loved ones.

I’m a big fan of sunshine!  We will all be together soon. Stay safe. Have fun. Take care of one another. Be kind. If you need anything, please reach out. Support local business as best you can (including our sponsoring dealerships). Keep it simple.

Our Activities Officer has provided an update to our schedule (…see the Schedule Tab) and has provided the following advice:

With the ongoing difficulties of social distancing and group dynamics, Seacoast HOG is still not resuming its schedule. Unfortunately, this means that we are canceling another week’s worth of activities…

Folks need to Ride and Have Fun!

We will get past this…TOGETHER!  It is important that we stay safe and respectful to contribute to others staying safe.  With that folks are getting out and riding, but we do continue to need to hold off on our group activities.  …we will get past this!

The schedule continues to be reviewed week-to-week and has been updated with the latest round of cancellations… including our May Chapter Business Meeting.  Check the schedule often for updates.

Our Activities Office Patrick has advised:

“Well, the weather has been nicer! We have that… We know we’re not there, yet, but some things have returned. The dealerships are open, albeit in very specific ways. After visiting a couple to get my fix, it appears that they are very organized and are being very safe. All of the dealerships do ask that, if you are visiting any of them, though, please wear a mask.

I do hope that this post still finds you safe and healthy. Your HOG Officers had a virtual meeting tonight. …We have been staying in touch throughout this ever-evolving situation. With the difficulties of social distancing and group dynamics, Seacoast HOG is still not resuming its schedule. Unfortunately, this means that we are cancelling another week of activities, including the following:

Wing Night Ride, Tuesday, 5/12
May LOH Meeting, Wednesday, 5/13
Mt. Greylock, MA/Bridge of Flowers Ride, Saturday, 5/16

I’m sure everyone is aware of the postponement of the Chapter Cook-Off in Rangeley, ME. …

We also have another casualty on the schedule. Due to the difficulties in planning and the expected lack of ability in traveling internationally, the trip to Nova Scotia in August is also cancelled. …

As we try to move forward, continue to do your part to help minimize the spread. Keep in mind that this is not easy for anyone.

Again, if you know of any members that might need assistance with anything, let’s work together to help them out. And let’s not forget our members that may not have Facebook or are not too keen on email.

Welfare checks are highly encouraged. This includes family and neighbors that may need you, too.

Stay safe. Try to stay sane… Stay healthy. And, as always, stay civil. We will come through this. Let’s do it together.”

Thanks to Patrick for his advice.

We are a great group!  We will Ride and Have Fun!