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1/3/2022:  There is good information in the links about rides and destinations.  Fun to review.  We generally are using Harley Ride Planner to document routes and will be adding a section to link to saved routes (…or change this section).  We will also be moving this information to an archive section.  Look for various web page changes coming in 2022.

Note:  At this point the information here is not current.

Please click on the “Schedule” tab to see Current Ride/Event Information by date.

Updated 7/06/16

Ride Date Lead Type
Annual Pig Roast Ride 5/29 Bill Clithero & Bob Nicoll Sat-Sun
Antique Ride 5/17 TBD Weekday
Bar Harbor Ride 6/3 Dwayne Scruton Overnight
Bentley’s Saloon 8/2 Kevin Barry Weekday
Bentley’s Saloon 9/14 Kevin Barry Weekday
Boltons Lakehouse 7/14 Gary Marshall/Mark Melvin Weekday
Breakfast Ride – Farmer’s 4/20 Kevin Barry – Mark Melvin Weekday
Franklin Falls Dam Picnic Ride 5/22 Dave Neuenschwander Sat-Sun
Ice Breaker Ride 4/9 Bob Mazzone – Dwayne Sat-Sun
Indoor Shooting Range 6/4 Peter Baker Sat-Sun
Jackman Overnight 8/12 Wayne Bailie Overnight
Kancamagus Ride 7/22 Kevin Barry Weekday
LOH Ice Cream Ride – 07 July 7/29 Kevin Barry Ice Cream
LOH International Ride 5/7 Mark / Dwayne Sat-Sun
Maine Diner 6/8 Kevin Barry Weekday
Maine Diner 9/6 Kevin Barry Weekday
Mothers for Daughters 5/12 Josh Elliott Overnight
Motor Booty Affair 5/13 Bruce Poulin Overnight
Motorcycle Museum 5/11 Kevin Barry Weekday
Mt Washington Auto Road 6/13 Bruce Poulin Weekday
New Hampton Scenic Ride 6/25 Kevin Barry Weekday
New Hampton Scenic Ride 10/16 Kevin Barry Sat-Sun
NH Covered Bridge Ride 8/19 Kevin Barry Weekday
NH Veteran Cemetery 11/9 Kevin Barry Weekday
Nubble Light – Lobster Cove 4/16 Bob Nicoll Sat-Sun
Parker’s Maple Barn 8/14 Al Saucier Sat-Sun
Poor People’s Pub 6/12 Al Saucier Sat-Sun
Pub 97 4/30 Tom Jones – Joe Ciampa Sat-Sun
Ride for the Troops 5/1 Joe Ciampa Sat-Sun
Screw Auger Waterfall 5/21 Dwayne Scruton Sat-Sun
Shibley’s at the Pier 5/14 Kevin Barry – Bob Clark Sat-Sun
Smokin’ Good BBQ 8/20 Sal Capitano Sat-Sun
Songo Locks 6/26 Bill Clithero Sat-Sun
Vermont Covered Bridge Ride 7/9 Bob Mazzone – Bill Clithero Overnight
Vermont Iron Adventure 7/28 Sal Capitano Rally
Whitehorse Gear 5/7 Wayne Bailie Sat-Sun
Whitehorse Gear & Bayhaven II 6/19 Sal Capitano Sat-Sun
Wright WWII Museum 7/6 Kevin Barry Weekday
Yankee Smokehouse 6/27 Bill Clithero Weekday

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