Rides and Maps

Note:  At this point the information here is not current.

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Updated 7/06/16

Ride Date Lead Type
Annual Pig Roast Ride 5/29 Bill Clithero & Bob Nicoll Sat-Sun
Antique Ride 5/17 TBD Weekday
Bar Harbor Ride 6/3 Dwayne Scruton Overnight
Bentley’s Saloon 8/2 Kevin Barry Weekday
Bentley’s Saloon 9/14 Kevin Barry Weekday
Boltons Lakehouse 7/14 Gary Marshall/Mark Melvin Weekday
Breakfast Ride – Farmer’s 4/20 Kevin Barry – Mark Melvin Weekday
Franklin Falls Dam Picnic Ride 5/22 Dave Neuenschwander Sat-Sun
Ice Breaker Ride 4/9 Bob Mazzone – Dwayne Sat-Sun
Indoor Shooting Range 6/4 Peter Baker Sat-Sun
Jackman Overnight 8/12 Wayne Bailie Overnight
Kancamagus Ride 7/22 Kevin Barry Weekday
LOH Ice Cream Ride – 07 July 7/29 Kevin Barry Ice Cream
LOH International Ride 5/7 Mark / Dwayne Sat-Sun
Maine Diner 6/8 Kevin Barry Weekday
Maine Diner 9/6 Kevin Barry Weekday
Mothers for Daughters 5/12 Josh Elliott Overnight
Motor Booty Affair 5/13 Bruce Poulin Overnight
Motorcycle Museum 5/11 Kevin Barry Weekday
Mt Washington Auto Road 6/13 Bruce Poulin Weekday
New Hampton Scenic Ride 6/25 Kevin Barry Weekday
New Hampton Scenic Ride 10/16 Kevin Barry Sat-Sun
NH Covered Bridge Ride 8/19 Kevin Barry Weekday
NH Veteran Cemetery 11/9 Kevin Barry Weekday
Nubble Light – Lobster Cove 4/16 Bob Nicoll Sat-Sun
Parker’s Maple Barn 8/14 Al Saucier Sat-Sun
Poor People’s Pub 6/12 Al Saucier Sat-Sun
Pub 97 4/30 Tom Jones – Joe Ciampa Sat-Sun
Ride for the Troops 5/1 Joe Ciampa Sat-Sun
Screw Auger Waterfall 5/21 Dwayne Scruton Sat-Sun
Shibley’s at the Pier 5/14 Kevin Barry – Bob Clark Sat-Sun
Smokin’ Good BBQ 8/20 Sal Capitano Sat-Sun
Songo Locks 6/26 Bill Clithero Sat-Sun
Vermont Covered Bridge Ride 7/9 Bob Mazzone – Bill Clithero Overnight
Vermont Iron Adventure 7/28 Sal Capitano Rally
Whitehorse Gear 5/7 Wayne Bailie Sat-Sun
Whitehorse Gear & Bayhaven II 6/19 Sal Capitano Sat-Sun
Wright WWII Museum 7/6 Kevin Barry Weekday
Yankee Smokehouse 6/27 Bill Clithero Weekday

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