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Updated November 10, 2023
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  • Note from our Safety Officer, John: 
    All Chapter rides (at least for now) will need to follow state and CDC guidelines
    Road Captains will make sure your final destination stop can accommodate your group.
    Road Captains will ask all chapter members are following a safe distance while gathering and setting up for the ride.
    Road Captains will make sure only ONE designated person picks up the first Aid kit and signs everyone in.
  •  Note: A Calendar Tab has been added to Home Screen for quick access to our Event Calendar.  Full Schedule includes additional informational links for some events.
  • NOTE: Our Activities Officer Patrick added a file for RC and Planning review.  document with Ride Ideas

Fellow Chapter Members

Note: Only planned rides with a patched Road Captain will appear on the Chapter Schedule. There may still be rides identified at our activity planning meetings that require development. We will be soliciting Road Captain support for some and awaiting Road Captains in Training to become patched to lead others.

Ride development is an ongoing process and our schedule will grow accordingly. It is important that you check the website and HOT Line frequently for the latest updates so that you don’t miss out!

Patrick Campbell

Activity Officer

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All organized chapter rides and events depart from Seacoast Harley-Davidson unless specifically noted. These rides and events depart promptly at the times listed. Please allow enough time prior to take care of registrations, attend pre-ride briefings, meet the Road Captains, etc. Please arrive at the departure point gassed up with the proper equipment and ready to ride.  Generally we will gather on the Route 1 side of the dealership for departure.
Rides are designed for riders of all levels unless otherwise noted. New riders and inexperienced riders should introduce themselves to one of the Road Captains or Run Leader. Specific rides for new riders and /those who might want to work with small groups prior to their initiation into a “large group ride” are listed throughout the schedule.
Some events that are listed are for your information only and there may not be an organized ride or participation planned.
Event Descriptions:
  • Closed Events: are those chapter events which are open to chapter members and One guest.
  • Member Events: are events that are open to H.O.G. members.
  • Open Events: are those chapter events, which are open to chapter members, National H.O.G. members and other guests as desired.
~ All EVENTS are CLOSED unless otherwise noted ~

North Hampton NH Seacoast Chapter Alcohol Policy
Our Chapter adheres to the Harley Owner’s Group recommended alcohol policies and procedures.
  • No alcohol before or during a ride or event
  • Our Chapter will not furnish alcohol at rides or events
Our Chapter rides and events are alcohol free.  That information will be added to the sign in sheets for our Chapter rides as a reminder.
  • Alcohol before a ride – a rider will be unable to participate
  • Alcohol during a ride – participant will be asked to leave the ride
This policy will apply to both open and closed Chapter rides and events.
Note:  Liquor liability coverage is not provided by the Chapter general liability insurance policy!

If you have any questions about a specific ride, please contact the group leader, any chapter officer. Phone numbers are listed throughout the schedule.
Activities Officer
Patrick Campbell 

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